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Pollen: Step into the future with Pollen’s one-stop advertising solution. Pollen uses machine learning technology to analyze online buying patterns. This allows you to show your ads to shoppers with the strongest purchasing intent. It’s so simple an intern can use it, yet powerful enough to answer the needs of the most sophisticated online shop..With Pollen you can launch prospecting and retargeting ads on Facebook and across millions of websites in a few clicks. Win new customer and convert browsers into buyers with Pollen today..Extremely knowledgable staff! Not only are the RESULTS AMAZING, there is a bunch you can learn about e-commerce by working with the team. I would highly recommend this app!.The team over at Pollen has been an immense help with our acquisition and retargeting efforts. Highly recommended considering how great our ROI has been..Fantastic team and a great product. Has been greatly helpful in generating traffic for our new store.

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