Pogoseat is an enterprise ticketing solution that enables sports teams & concert venues to offer their fans the opportunity to upgrade their seats and purchase unique VIP upgrades at live entertainment events.
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Pogoseat: We work with partners to offer fans any type of VIP upgrade they want..Give back to existing customer with great offers such as ticket upgrades or last minute tickets.Be right there with your fans as you reward them during the event.Bespoke landing pages to match brand fit.Track activity of users through promocodes and redemptions.No more unsold inventory. Sell tickets after the event has started. Our analytics will help you select the perfect price..Leverage your existing platform. Pogoseat integrates with your loyalty system, CRM, point of sale, and third-party vendors..Instant, detailed information at your fingertips. Discover who is upgrading, where they're moving, and how to maximize your revenue..Manage events, price rules, and more. Complete control over your events..Seen, but not heard. Pogoseat promotes your brand, so your users have a cohesive experience from start to finish..Sell upgrades within a week. Pogoseat provides a turnkey upgrade experience and your organization will be online in just a few hours..Hands off all season. Pogoseat integrates your ticketing platform to automatically manage inventory and events. Our customer support handles game-time issues, so you d...

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