Playment: Delivering Training Data for Computer Vision
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Playment: Cannot find your what you're looking for?.We’d love to hear from you!.Playment is your turnkey solution to train and validate computer vision models..Playment’s annotation tools are well designed for delivering high quality labeled dataset at benchmarking speed. AI assistance, Superior design and Configurability makes our tools smarter..Playment's web and mobile annotation tools are designed with higher order UX design principles to help annotators discover the most complex of the objects faster and with ease..We continously develop models to automatically annotate commonly known classes and use human in the loop to perform annotations scale with guaranteed quality..Our tools support data formats from various sensors. They are architected to facilitate fast feature deployment for custom data management..High quality of annotations is the primary reason for customers to choose Playment. Definition, Process Excellence and Transparency are the pillars of our accuracy promise..We work closely with our customers to frame well defined quality metrics in terms of precision and recall for their projects. We sign contracts for guaranteed quality and abide by them or you get your money back....

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