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Plasticity: Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found..You can return to our homepage or contact us at if you believe this is an error..We're helping computers understand language to build smarter AI. And we're putting that power in the hands of developers..A general natural language understanding API that extracts entities, relationships, and context from text. Use this API for text analytics or for building more robust conversational interfaces..A graph of real word concepts, people, places, and things that you can query in natural language. Use this API to tap into 180+ million facts on over 20+ million entities..Provides human-like natural language responses to questions or intents. Use this API for dialogue in your conversational interface to prevent predictable robotic responses..Performs extractive or abstractive summarization of articles or input text. Use this API to automatically generate a summary with structured meta-information about entities within..Today's personal assistants and conversational interfaces fail to handle variations in a user's wording or multiple requests in one sentence. We take a language-based semantic approach to handle...

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