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Pippa: With unlimited file hosting, analytics, and monetization, Pippa offers the simplest, all-inclusive platform for podcasts..Powered by IBM Watson, get amazing automated transcripts of your episodes—and use the powerful Snipper tool to generate gorgeous videos formatted perfectly for social media..Pippa provides unlimited hosting for your podcast powered by Amazon’s mighty servers..Use Pippa’s sophisticated analytics engine to understand your audience..Get value from your content. Buy and sell dynamic ads on Pippa's marketplace..Easily share your show with followers on Twitter and Facebook, and use our neat embeddable player for your blog or website..SERIOUSLY!!!! I totally agree. I left Soundcloud because it was horrible. I just joined @ChoosePippa and I love it so much. Been recommending it to everyone I know. Great analytics, super easy to use, opportunities to monetize. Love love love it there..I LOVE @ChoosePippa. I've been with them since March this year and so impressed with customer service & analytics (not to mention ease of use). I switched from Libsyn and have been thrilled! #totallychoosepippa.We just moved our show to a new host site: @ChoosePippa and they have been so he...

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