PipelineDB is an open-source relational database that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables.
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PipelineDB: An open-source PostgreSQL extension that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables..Install Now.PipelineDB enables realtime data processing using only SQL. Our continuous query planner and execution engine handle all of the complexity of running realtime computation on streams..PipelineDB is a standard PostgreSQL extension, enabling it to leverage the stability of an extremely mature and reliable database enchanced by a vibrant ecosystem..PipelineDB eliminates the ETL layer. Stream granular data directly into the database and continuously distill it with the SQL queries you’ve declared..PipelineDB stores only the output of continuous queries, which are incrementally updated as data is ingested. The database’s size is independent of the amount of data ingested over time..Continuously aggregate, filter, and distill streaming data into summary data in realtime with continuous SQL queries and store the results in PipelineDB..Run continuous queries over custom time windows (1 second, 1 minute, 1 day, 30 days, etc.) and then either store the windowed query results in PipelineDB or discard the raw data after the window time has passed..Streaming ana...

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