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Pillar Technologies - The future of construction site risk management
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Pillar Technologies: We are a construction data company bringing rugged, effortless risk management technology to any size site. Pillar is a nervous system for the modern construction site. Total site coverage, total site control..Pillar covers all the metrics you care about in one device, for total coverage. Don’t buy more than one tool ever again..RISK MANAGEMENT.Designed to detect fire, water, mold, unsafe working conditions.OPERATIONAL INSIGHTS.Easily leverage data to improve process & efficiency with better site understanding.QUALITY CONTROL.CarFax for your construction project - historical records, minute by minute.Heavy Duty Housing.Durable, built for wear and tear.Silicone Strap.Secure pods to various materials, like pipes and 2x4's.Suspension Strap.Silicone strap to hang on fasteners.Magnet Mounts.For ferrous materials.Various Mounting Methods.Sensor perfectly slots into a 2 x 4.High Visibility.Neon yellow.Smart, wireless, rugged sensors designed for construction..Automatically captures, analyzes and makes data actionable.Notifications by text, email, phone..“The City of Emeryville, CA was reluctant to let our project team start drywalling because of high moisture. I took several sensors data ...

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