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PickTrace: PickTrace builds powerful software products that help agriculture companies thrive. Our workforce and harvest management software helps growers gain insight into their operations and improve their operational efficiency. Everything that we do is based on the conviction that we succeed when our customers build a more efficient, compliant, and profitable operation..Initial idea and first iteration.Austin begins working on PickTrace for his family farm, Fairfield Farms.Won first customer.Accepted into Y Combinator.Won 6 new customers.Hired first employee.Company Growth Plan implemented.PickTrace reaches profitability.Series A funding.Moved to brand new HQ location in beautiful Glendale, Los Angeles.Austin and Harrison Steed originally started working on PickTrace for Fairfield Farms, their own family’s blueberry and avocado farm in Southern California. As they continued to work they realized the full extent of the complexities and inefficiencies in agriculture related to manual payroll calculation, labor law compliance, and productivity tracking..Their vision? Revolutionize the industry with a complete farm management solution. It wasn’t long before interest in their software solution...

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