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Permutive: Permutive's platform gives publishers an in-the-moment view of everyone on their site. So they can see more value from more of their users, with data updated in milliseconds. It's fundamentally fast, and it's just one of the use cases for our core technology. To transform publishing, we also had to transform processing..Permutive is built using edge computing. Where data is processed on the device that generates it, rather than a remote server in the cloud..The number of connected chips and sensors has exploded. The cloud just wasn’t built for this much data. When each device processes what it generates, we can bypass the cloud and unlock game-changing possibilities..From driverless cars to data management platforms, everyone benefits from edge-based processing..Once you're no longer waiting for the cloud to get back to you, you can actually start to act in the moment.With no bandwidth restrictions, edge processing opens up more data for more accurate conclusions..Since everything happens off the network, people's personal information never leaves their devices..We team up with publishers to see how our edge-based platform can best drive their business. Then we work alongside them ...

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