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Penrose Studios: .....JOIN OUR.JOURNEY......Penrose is a group of artists, engineers and storytellers pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. For us, VR is more than technology, it’s an opportunity to create worlds that offer endless exploration and narrative experiences. It’s an opportunity for audiences to make an emotional connection through VR as a storytelling medium..Penrose’s mission is to define the next generation of human storytelling and in Arden’s Wake the team continues to push the boundaries of entertainment through immersive experiences that explore universal themes of family, love, loss, fear, and sacrifice...“PENROSE STUDIOS IS THE PIXAR OF VR”.“ALLUMETTE IS A BEAUTIFUL WORLD FROM OCULUS STORY STUDIO VETERAN”.“INVESTORS ARE PARKING $8.5 MILLION IN VIRTUAL REALITY CONTENT DEVELOPER PENROSE STUDIOS".“PENROSE AIMS TO REINVENT MOVIES IN VR”.“GROUNDBREAKING VR FILM 'ALLUMETTE' STEPS INTO THE LIGHT AT SUNDANCE”.“THE STUNNING ALLUMETTE IS THE FIRST VR FILM MASTERPIECE”.Penrose's Proprietary Tool Suite for virtual and augmented reality features pioneering technology that amplifies emotional storytelling. Arden’s Wake surpasses what has been accomplished in VR to date thro...

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