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Pathgather: "This is the future of LMS.".A single, delightful solution to access and track all learning. Organize content from everywhere and integrate with your existing resources to boost discoverability and engagement..Insights into demand for content and skills that help understand and manage critical learning initiatives. Provide managers with data and tools to manage development and support team growth..Simple tools that allow anyone to curate content. Empower every employee in your organization to share the best learning resources for one another and get recognized for what they know..Professional support.An Extension of Your Team.Fuel employee growth.With an inviting tool.HP Braincandy.Re-Inventing Learning.Personalized learning.Making the Best Bubble Up.Learning Evolution at T-Mobile.A Transformational Move: Launching an Internal ‘University’.Reinventing Learning at HP with Brain Candy.Copyright Ⓒ2017 Pathgather. All rights reserved. Privacy | Terms of Use | Cookies

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