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Patchd Medical: My name is Robert Quinn, and I am a co-founder of Patchd..Our company is a little different to most, because it was started to save my life..6 years ago, I suffered 18 life threatening episodes of a condition known as sepsis following a liver transplant. Sepsis is when the body over-reacts to a serious infection. When you get severe sepsis, your chance of survival is 1 in 6 (CDC, 2018). In reality, surviving this many episodes of sepsis was a miracle..What really fascinated me though, is that I knew I was getting sick 10 to 24 hours before I showed up to the hospital, even when my vital signs were normal. This extra time saved my life. I was discussing this with my co-founder Wei-Jien one afternoon after work (we used to work together at a company making brain implants), and we had the epiphany that what I was feeling was probably detectable and if we could detect it, we could save others lives too..We realized that if we could create a device that measured physiological signals, and couple this with some Artificial Intelligence capable of detecting subtle variances within these signals, we could automatically detect what I was feeling 10 to 24 hours before a sepsis episode. This w...

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