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Pachama: We source high-definition, high-frequency satellite images to estimate carbon storage in forests and predict future deforestation or potential for forest restoration..We harness aerial Lidar data to obtain detailed measurements of biomass and carbon capturing potential of forests globally..We use Deep Learning models on our data to calculate and validate carbon for Offset Certificates from verified Forest Projects..We aim to help connect Forest Carbon Projects with Carbon Offsets Buyers, and provide them with tools to monitor the project's progress..Get in touch and find out how much money you could make and to learn about our pilot program..Get in touch to find out more about our pilot program..Pachama is an organization focused on developing technology solutions to accelerate the growth of the Forest Carbon Credits market..Our ultimate intention is to help scale up the protection and restoration of the forests of the planet, which recapture carbon from the atmosphere reversing climate change, and are the holders of the planet’s biodiversity, keystones for maintaining planetary homeostasis..Frameworks introduced by the United Nations allow for the certification of carbon credits f...

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