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Oriient: The Indoor GPS company.We are on a mission to make the physical world searchable. Join us..Terms of Use.© 2016-2017 by Oriient. All rights reserved..What We Do.Technology.Team.Contact Us.More.Our mission is to make the physical world searchable..With unique technology, Oriient is building the first truly scalable Indoor GPS..Location awareness, as a service.Hyper accurate Indoor Location Awareness, without the hassle..You don't need to install anything, you don't need to maintain anything..It's like GPS - a service you simply use..Whether you operate a mall, megastore, hospital, university or an office building, your visitors and staff expect the place to be convenient, accessible and friendly..It is what they have online, and it is what they expect offline..We can help you achieve that, without any hardware installation or maintenance..3ft accuracy.No installation required.No beacons.No WiFi.Analytics platform.Traffic analytics.Motion analytics.Democratized.Anywhere.For anyone.Real-time.Mickey Balter.CEO.Amiram Frish.CTO, VP of R&D

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