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OpenTechSchool: Hi, we are OpenTechSchool, a distributed community initiative organising welcoming and inclusive code learning happenings with real people in the real world. Our offers are for technology enthusiasts of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and experience levels. On top, we invite anyone to become an organiser themselves, set up their own local chapter and join our community of coaches everywhere in creating original teaching materials under the open Creative Commons Licence..More about OpenTechSchool.Go to about to learn more about what OpenTechSchool is, what we do, the values and the history of the movement..You might also want to learn more about the foundation behind it and what some of the learners, coaches and organisers say about OpenTechSchool..If you are looking to learn coding/about tech yourself, you probably want to find out where and when the next events takes place near you..In any case make sure you stay connected to receive updates about whats going on..Just reach out to the next chapter close to you and help organising, coaching or with general support..You might also want to join the Foundation as a Member and join our online community of coaches, organisers and volunt...

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