Oncobox company delivers several tests to profile tumor and find the right cancer drug for invidual patient
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Oncobox: Over 150 target cancer therapeutics are currently on the market, but there is often no easy or effective way to decide which of these drugs to give to a cancer patient..Oncobox is personalized genetic profiling to help oncologists decide which drug to use. Oncobox has been shown to increase the effectiveness of target therapies up to three times..The main difference between Oncobox:Integral test and others currently on the market is that we analyze full DNA and RNA profiles, not just mutations or expression of individual genes (though we do that too). Our original bioinformatics algorithms then distinguish which molecular targets are most crucial for individual cases and find the most appropriate personalized treatment..Oncobox is cost-effective personalized genetic profiling to help doctors decide which drug to use in late-stage cancer patients. Oncobox analyzes the molecular characteristics of a particular tumor and calculates the probability of a positive effect using specific cancer drugs. Learn more.The Oncobox:Integral test is available now to help finding the best treatment option for a patient. To perform the test a sample of tumor biomaterial is required (FFPE block). Once...

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