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Omnio: View our product sheet with the latest list of manufacturers, devices, protocols, platforms, gateways, output and applications supported by Omnio..Watch this short video to learn more about how Omnio's software makes it fast and easy to connect industrial devices to IoT solutions..Omnio reports all data points in one format, normalized and timestamped. Find out more about the technology behind our edge translation layer or have a closer look at Omnio's onboarding solutions..Thank you - we will get back to you as soon as possible!.Omnio makes it possible to extract more data from devices already connected to a PLC, without touching the PLC or doing custom integration….A key part of digitalization is to deliver new digital solutions, including software. These often rely on data from many different devices....Connecting devices in locations that are hard to reach or unmanned requires a high degree of automation and a plug’n’play user experience….Omnio's solution makes it possible to pre-commission our software to start extracting data without the need for an internet connection….Omnio makes it fast and easy to choose which data you want from any standardized CNC controller….With Omnio...

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