The honest, flat-fee 401(k). We on-board & educate employees, automate contributions, perform record-keeping, & provide smart, low-cost investment options.
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OctaveWealth: We got rid of % fees and only charge a flat-fee per employee. The average cost of a small plan is 1.28% of assets.1 We save you and your employees 50% in year 2, and 90% by year 8.2.There is no manual work for you. Payroll is integrated. Changes in contributions are synced. We take care of on-boarding, education and annual filings..We include portfolios that make it easy for employees to invest immediately upon enrollment. Our portfolios are built using the same quantitative process as the world’s largest asset managers..We are a team of engineers and investment professionals with real world experience. We designed portfolio management software for some of the largest asset managers and traded $6 billion daily for large pension funds. 3.Our portfolios are individually designed for an employee’s personal risk profile, making it more likely they stay invested. This means they are more likely to experience higher investment returns in the long run..We select the best fund for each asset class using multiple criteria, with the employee’s best interest in mind. We have no conflicts of interest, so our funds are selected purely based on merit. We review and replace the funds every three ...

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