Numericcal generates the fastest implementations of your machine learning model for different mobile and IoT platforms.
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Numericcal: We automate model optimization and management so you can focus on training..Ship the fastest model implementation without additional development effort..Support multiple hardware and software platforms from a single code base..Get actionable insights for model speed, power and memory optimization..Speed, memory and power are an afterthought in standard machine learning training. Why spend time training a perfectly accurate model just to discover it is too slow or too big for your application and target platform? We provide tools to help you reach your implementation goals quickly and effortlessly..We automatically run multiple toolchains to give you the best speed, power and memory tradeoff on every model change..We measure on-device speed and power usage to help you evaluate and compare models across hardware platforms..We help you pinpoint performance bottlenecks and focus your model optimization on layers that matter the most..Focus on choosing and training the best Deep Learning model for your application knowing that we’ll do everything to find the best implementation of your network for every platform. On the right we compare TensorFlow Mobile and Numericcal Runtime Engine us...

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