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Noteworth: Achieving meaningful change in your organization is anything but simple. Noteworth’s innovative products and services get you there..A deep understanding and appreciation for patient and clinician needs is the foundation of a strong innovation program. Our professional services combined with a unique suite of software and digital tools provide a clear vision and path for ensuring your most important stakeholders are fully enabled and successful..Establish strategy and drive project selection.Aligning social impact and system outcomes with advancing strategic vision is a struggle for healthcare organizations. These decisions shouldn’t require handwringing. Tested methods for project selection can help your organization manage the need for positive health outcomes and good financial returns..Scope and manage multi-stakeholder projects.Interdisciplinary teams are, by their nature, optimistic and ambitious, and often allow perfect be the enemy of good. Don’t sacrifice progress at the expense of perfection. Work quickly and efficiently with clinicians, designers, engineers and business leads, and empower both near-term and long-term thinkers to excel..Balance short and long term goals.E...

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