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NomNom: The customer research platform for data-driven product teams..Get all your customer feedback and user research in one place..Centralize all research data, identify themes, and use powerful search capabilities to discover insights and build better experiences..Give your whole team access to a fully searchable repository of customer feedback and research findings. Native integrations make it easy to centralize customer data for better product discovery, while also giving anyone in your organization the opportunity to contribute to the customer research process..Make research data accessible to everyone, allowing knowledge to accumulate across your entire organization. Share research findings to Slack, Jira, and Trello in just a couple of clicks. Align your teams, have better conversations, and give everyone visibility into the data behind product decisions..Use powerful automation features to reduce the time and effort required to organize and classify your data. Build smart workflows that help you do better customer research faster..Eliminate the noise around making product decisions..Centralize feedback and research to align your teams with the customer..EnjoyHQ works with the tool...

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