Neuroware | Future Proofing with Distributed Systems
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Product info Neuroware is owned and operated by R1.Blockchains and other forms of distributed ledgers are complex. We help bridge the gap by offering comprehensive workshops and brainstorming sessions to organisations and other corporate clients who are seeking to explore these new technologies..Our training and workshops are conducted under the R1 brand and now include interactive learning management systems with industry specific simulations..Executing and more importantly benefiting from new technologies can be a daunting task. We ensure that all your bases are covered by providing end-to-end solutions, consultation and full-stack development services..Even new technologies should be built on trusted foundations. We enable organisations to take full advantage of distributed ledgers by providing services such as public blockchain hosting and private API network solutions..Blockchain agnostic identity protocols designed for self-managed and decentralised authorisation process where applications login to you..Current business cases utilizing distributed identity models:.Blockchain agnostic data solution protocols designed to turn distributed ledgers into fully functional databases with field ty...

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