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Netra: Home.What We Do.How It Works.Why Netra.Contact Us.Blog.More....© 2018 by Milk Street, 17th Floor.Boston, MA 02109.Join Our Newsletter to get latest News.The vast majority of video content is nuanced. Netra scans video imagery and text metadata to ensure brand safety and context awareness..Netra’s patented AI technology analyzes videos accurately, and at scale..Netra's Artificial Intelligence platform analyzes videos - images and metadata in conjunction - to detect unsafe content viz. Violence, Nudity, Hate & Drugs......and we also detect the appropriate context for the video. Safety is largely determined by context (e.g. a Sports event, Home Improvement, etc.) and we provide you the tools to determine suitability for your brand..29 categories and 670 sub-categories for fine-grained context awareness.We follow the industry-standard IAB Taxonomy for our classification..Netra’s patented AI technology in combination with deep-learning video classification models, delivers results at very high accuracy. We automatically identify unsafe content so you can rest assured your brand doesn't appear next to content that might harm your reputation...Netra provides brand-s...

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