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Naytev: Naytev's is built on top of a solid base of social analytics and automation..Unlike legacy platforms, our unified social analytics make it possible to understand the actual ROI of your content..As a practical example, we can show you the overall impact of a piece of content that you've shared, promoted, cross-posted, and re-shared, all in a way that's easy to understand..Ditch your spreadsheets and automatically track content performance in a single place..Quickly define complex workflows and notifications across your entire content portfolio..Combining paid and organic under one roof provides a clear view of your content ROI..Legacy social media management tools treat paid and organic social as independent silos, with every post and paid campaign happening in a vacuum. It's not a winning strategy..Naytev consolidates your entire social media workflow under one roof. Putting individual pieces of content at the center of the platform puts you in control..Whether your goal is to increase e-commerce purchases, drive more app installs, get more traffic, or improve engagement, we can help..By testing all of our content before posting it on Facebook, we're able to identify the messages t...

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