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NanoNets: Use Nanonets Object Detection API to.APIs to access a trained model customised for your needs..Nanonets makes machine learning simple.With Nanonets the process of building Deep Learning models is as simple as uploading your data. No parameter tuning. No need to bother about finding the right infrastructure to host your models. Just show us a few samples that the model can learn from and wait for the magic. We build train and host the model so you just need to add 2 lines of code to your codebase and you're good to go..Explore all our ready-to-use image recognition models to suit your specific needs..NSFW Classification.NSFW Content Moderation API for Images/Videos.Fashion Apparel / Accessories Detection.Detect clothing, accessories and other fashion items.Furniture Detection.Detect the presence and location of Furniture in any environment.Face Detection.Detect the presence and location of human faces.Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Images.Detect Pedestrians from Aerial Drone shots.General Tagging.Our all inclusive Model that tags objects, scenes and more.Animals.Detect the presence and classify type of Animal.Clothes.Classify images with respect to cloth types.Gender.Classify images...

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