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MySky Technologies: Air Superiority.Starts with you.Perception is Reality.The My Sky Technologies multi-spectral sensor suite provides state of the art situational awareness in a wide variety of situations, including civil, security and military environments. The suite is supported by cutting edge data fusion and tracking software, which combines proven statistical inference methods with innovative machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks. The system is computationally efficient and is specifically designed to run on low power embedded platforms..The data fusion and tracking software developed by My Sky Technologies fuses data streams from a fully customizable set of passive sensors to create a unified situational awareness picture for ground and airborne applications. By combining data from different sensors including video, audio, thermal and electromagnetic, more information about the environment and the possible threats can be extracted than from each individual sensor. In addition, the passive nature of the sensors ensures that the sensor platform remains undetectable to adversaries..Finally, an intuitive and flexible GUI facilitates quick decision making in cluttered environments a...

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