Mosaix AI combines Natural Language Processing and Deep Semantic Search to Continually improve the ability of virtual assistants to accurately answer queries.
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Mosaix: Build a branded voice assistant that is tailored to the localized services, languages and needs of your global footprint. Define the voice experience you want to deliver with Mosaix..Give your users a voice experience that you define. The Mosaix Language API allows you to quickly and seamlessly integrate natural language intelligence onto your device or app. At Mosaix, we pride ourselves in delivering a voice experience that is accurate and personal. Our unique algorithms learn the patterns and tastes of your users to deliver answers that understand queries and the users who ask them..Mosaix's Knowledge Service platform lets you process your proprietary, unstructured data resources to garner insights and train your products for voice interactions..Language localization is critical in the global economy. Reach a global customer base by tailoring services for a variety of languages including Spanish, Hindi, and Arabic..The Mosaix Language AI platform can be efficiently customized and integrated to give you the highest level of control over the user experience and maintain your differentiation..Mosaix’s bench includes PhDs with deep expertise in semantic search, natural language under...

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