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Momentus: You need your satellite at a custom destination where most rockets don’t fly. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a ride. Momentus is building the in-space equivalent of the connecting flight. Use a big rocket to fly to a common orbit on a cheap rideshare, then use our in-space rocket to get your satellite to any custom orbit 10 times cheaper than what has ever been possible..We’re propelling the next generation of missions to previously unreachable locations more efficiently, safely, and inexpensively than ever before. How long will it take to get to your final destination on one of our rides?.We envision a future where humanity is expanding, thriving, and moving freely throughout the solar system. To succeed, we are building transportation technology with sustainable, safe, and scalable in situ resource utilization in mind..Companies have been making bold asteroid mining claims for years, but until we have developed a sustainable, safe, scalable way of getting to them using water, the most abundant, and accessible space resource, those claims mean very little. To only prepare for ways of moving through space based on existing, terrestrial fuel sources would be short-sighted. We are build...

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Momentus founded in 2017.