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Modern Treasury: Modern Treasury makes payment operations simple, scalable, and secure..Effective payment operations require many moving pieces to come together just right: from high-volume payouts, payables, and remittances, to managing vendors, contractors, and customers..Modern Treasury seamlessly preserves data so teams can strategically manage reconciliation, control approvals and spending, and conduct internal audits. We empower teams so they can focus on what matters: growing their business..Initiate payments and capture the right information..Manage approvals, vendors, and user permissions..Automatically categorize transactions and understand their history..Set up alerts, dashboards, and auditing views..Modern Treasury maintains the data that matters to you while offering flexible, team-based controls and real-time dashboards. We automatically recognize inbound payments and schedule outbound payments so you can operate at a higher level, and on your timeline..Modern Treasury lets you build custom product payment flows through ACH, wire, or check. Our RESTful API comes with a complete test environment and you can implement it with just a few lines of code..With Modern Treasury, you don’t hav...

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