Data-driven sales and marketing. MixRank tracks your customers so you don't miss an opportunity.
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MixRank: MixRank tracks your customers so you don't miss an opportunity.MixRank is the most comprehensive database of mobile apps, developers, SDKs, technologies, services, and integrations..Hundreds of the top mobile technology and services vendors have used MixRank to grow sales, react to competitors, plan market strategies, and retain customers..Instantly identify potential clients based on their SDK usage, permissions & capabilities, rankings, and more..Every technology a website uses leaves a trace. Want to know who is advertising with Google AdWords, what sites rely on shopping cart technology, or which companies accept payments?.MixRank continuously crawls the web, detecting tags, ad campaigns, technologies, SaaS & social integrations, and much more. Identify new customers using thousands of fingerprints that predict buying behavior, market fit, and budget..From startups to the fortune 500s, finding companies in your target market has never been easier. Explore businesses based on their size, revenue, location, industry, and more..Plus, with instant alerts you'll be the first to know when new companies match your market segment..Reach your future customers with tens of millions of ve...

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