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Miuros: Miuros enables customer service leaders to optimize their operations with the power of AI. Assist your agents so they can increase their efficiency and first reply times. New actionable Insights will help you deliver better customer service so you can improve what actually matters to drive down churn: the overall customer Experience..Miuros Assist looks at the past actions of your agents, learns how to automatically categorize your tickets resulting in faster triaging and routing, and suggests the most appropriate canned response for your customer requests..Miuros Insights is an analytical solution for international customer service teams that helps managers identify areas for improvement and empowers agents to self-assess their performance..When customers reach out to your customer service, a problem needs to be solved. Miuros Experience helps you identify the root problems so you and your product and marketing teams can take immediate action..Integrating Miuros has never been easier. We built seamless integrations with your existing infrastructure and tools - so you don’t have to, allowing your IT team to focus on your core product..Integrating Miuros has never been easier. We bu...

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