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Mind Emulation Foundation
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Mind Emulation Foundation: Your biological body will fail you. But, what makes you you is not your body. It's your mind..Mind emulation enables your mind to continue to live on after your body has died..Our mission is to fund and conduct scientific research in order to accelerate our path toward human mind emulation..While we are far from understanding how the mind works, most philosophers and scientists agree that your mind is an emergent property of your body. In particular, your body’s connectome. Your connectome is the comprehensive network of neural connections in your brain and nervous system. Today your connectome is biological. But, because the mind is an emergent property of the connectome, if a biological connectome is emulated digitally, then it would have the same emergent property of the biological connectome. Mind emulation is the process of taking what makes you you and emulating it digitally..Connectomics is a subfield of neuroscience focused on studying connectomes, the comprehensive network of neural connections in the brain and nervous system..One way to emulate a mind is to map the entire connectome. It is estimated that there are approximately 100 trillion connections in a human brain. A...

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