Mimi Hearing Technologies

Mimi Hearing Technologies
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Mimi Hearing Technologies: Latest News.mimi.io/defined.sales@mimi.io.Improve the sound experience of everything your users listen to with audio optimized for individual hearing.Inspire engagement & improve user loyalty with a single audio solution for every user.Build inclusive products and capture growing interest in hearing wellness.Advance your audio profile with science-based software that continuously improves listening experience.Introduce features that augment your products, communications, & competitive position.Mimi builds its components with efficiency & adaptability in mind. Integrate cutting-edge tech with ease.“It makes a surprisingly profound difference”.Read more >.“Mimi Hearing Technologies Transforms Not Only Our Ability To Listen To Music But Our Ability To Hear.”.Read more >.“We were able to collect quite a unique hearing data warehouse on hearing abilities across countries and continents”.Read more >.“Two people can listen to the exact same music track, at the same volume, on the same device while using the same set of headphones, and yet they will hear two different sounds”.Read more >.“Europe's 100 Hottest Startups 2017”.Read more >.“Mimi Hearing Technologies announced Mimi Defined, the...

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