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Meru Health: Meru Health's digital clinic offers an app-based treatment program that is supported by licensed therapists. Meru Health individualizes the program based on patient’s personal information and needs...The program is structured around twelve weekly themes which build upon each other. It includes elements of mindfulness-based , cognitive behavioral and behavioral activation therapy...Right from the first call until the final week, a licensed Meru Health therapist actively supports participants to become empowered and recover. We provide help when it's needed most...During the program, participants connect with and learn from an anonymous peer group. Recognizing that other people have similar challenges that can be overcome, is tremendously beneficial..Meru Health real-world evidence from 02/2017 - 9/2018 (n=261), outcome measure PHQ-9 depression test questionnaire.Dr. Susan Connolly, Physician, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, M.D. Harvard Medical School.The Meru Health treatment is accessed through a healthcare provider referral or through an automated and confidential online screening..A phone consultation with a licensed therapist takes place quickly after the referral.Participants ar...

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