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Melon Health: Helping people help themselves!
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Melon Health: Human connection ● Scalable healthcare ● Better outcomes.Identify patient needs and enroll them into your digital health community..Engage patients with proven behavior change techniques and human connection..Empower patients to manage their own health and help others..Using intrinsic rewards drive retention and referrals..Maybe there's another way. Technology is the enabler..Prioritize population health and primary care.Want their brand to be the go-to health and wellness system in their community.Need to reduce total cost of care and diversify revenue streams.Have value-based contracts in place with incentives.- Midlands Pinnacle Primary Healthcare Organisation.- Psychologist at Comprehensive Care Primary Healthcare Organisation.- Melon participant.Engage patients with peer support.Deliver scalable healthcare.Drive better outcomes with whole-person care.How turning your consumers into brand champions can transform your healthcare organization.Everything we do, we do to help people lead healthier, happier lives. We exist to deliver consumer experiences that support people to engage in their own health, and in turn, help others. Our digital platform gives you the tools you need to ...

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