Find and book your samples on Illuminina NGS instruments you need to get your experiments moving. No queues and a 12 day data turn-around!
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Meenta: Featured in 'This Startup wants to be Airbnb for Gene Sequencers'.MiSeq.MiniSeq.HiSeq 2000.HiSeq 2500.HiSeq 3000.HiSeq 4000.NextSeq 500.NextSeq 550.NovaSeq 6000.Biacore s200.Biacore 8k.Select your application to find live instruments matching your needs..Get your sequencing data in 12 days..Take the guess work out of pricing your project..Compare pricing by availability, location and data output..Quality data from trusted Hosts with Meenta's re-run guarantee..(888) 204-5303.Search by read type, read length, instrument type, location and date. View live instrument capacity that you can book instantly or reserve..Choose your instruments and ship your samples. Labels, shipping, and data transfer is handled for you..Timeline of events that will impact your booking. Learn more.Proud participant of Techstars 2018, Q1

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