Medumo - Guide, track, and triage your patients intelligently.
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Medumo: (602) Us.Privacy Policy.Blog.Solution.Results.News.ROI Calculator.More..increase in patient.portal activations.reduction in post-op nursing calls.decrease in poor procedural prep.decrease in pre-op visits required before surgery.increase in referrals scheduled within 6 days.decrease in late cancels and no shows.Flexible data-sharing workflows allow us to go-live in as quickly as 6 weeks without burdening your IT Team..Once live, our product team partners with you to continuously evaluate and optimize the program..of patients engage.patients supported to date.of patients recommend."Our unit as a whole has reduced its no-shows and last minute cancellations, and patients feel more prepared going into their procedures.".Boston Children’s Hospital and Medumo, a startup with a patient navigation platform, have joined forces to offer a pediatric care messaging service..Medumo’s platform lets patients get appropriately scheduled for appointments. It also allows individuals to complete pre-appointment tasks and follow instructions once they leave the hospital. Plus, its technology can predict which people a...

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Medumo founded in 2013.