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Medinas Health: Medinas is the modern pre-owned medical equipment marketplace that gives you software that makes buying and selling your high-quality medical equipment fast and easy – all from your phone or desktop..We combine decades of experience in medical equipment manufacturing and sales with decades of software development to create the next generation used medical equipment marketplace..Intuitive software that automates the sales process, providing transparency and trust every step of the way with real-time data, updates, and access to real people whenever you need them..From MRI’s to infusion pumps, the Medinas used medical equipment marketplace is uniquely designed to facilitate complex transactions and help streamline your sales process..We take all the complexities of selling equipment and wrap it in an easy to understand interface, so you can focus on running your business, while we focus on making the hard stuff easy..You don’t spend your day behind your desk and your software shouldn’t either. Medinas’s mobile interface makes sales easier and more productive, and keeps you more connected with your business everywhere at anytime..If you provide crating, packing, shipping, service cont...

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