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Mass Exchange: 646-481-8417.147 W 35TH ST. SUITE 507, NEW YORK, NY, 10001.© 2017 by MASS Exchange.MASS Exchange’s cloud-based inventory and pricing management platform is the most efficient solution for curating TV avails...Sellers get a unified system to structure, price and manage all inventory, whether it’s traditional linear, audience-targeted, or impression-based. Dynamic product packaging and pricing means Sellers can programmatically respond no matter what or how Buyers want to buy...With all inventory centralized in a single platform that verifies and tracks avails, Sellers gain full control over what, when, to whom, how many, and at what price they sell their inventory through an automated, programmatic process that ensures strict adherence to proprietary business rules...Sellers finally have a one-view solution, and revenue management challenges just got easier..MASS Exchange makes buying and planning more effective by enabling unmatched access to the breadth and depth of available TV inventory. Buyers can query public and private markets for the particular inventory they want and current pricing and buy immediately.....

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