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Maslo: Empathy in technology is not only feasible but the organizing principle to transform technology into products & services that help us become holistically better humans..Our models for personified computing take many forms, from a chatbot to a digital avatar, or something entirely different!.Grow your companion to live on iOS, Android, most major desktops, and all major current browsers..Work with our team to determine the use case and explore high-level solutions. Guidance on the design and architecture of a new or existing application..Develop a detailed architecture design and deployment plan. This includes guidance on recommendation systems, image classification, prepackaged models, and others APIs..Execute on the detailed design and technical plan created during the previous phase. Realize solution in production & test through experiments..After implementation, we’ll look for ways to establish operational best practices. Leverage our experience and our proven implementation methodology..The platform is an ever growing network of signal processors that collect, synthesize, and emit signal at different memory scales. A few examples include:.Our idea is simple: we build empathy in...

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