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Mage: Mage is a live 'bid/ask' marketplace. Buyers place bids, sellers place asks and when a bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automagically. No counterfeits or fakes – now 100% authentic guaranteed*..Never worry about the legitimacy of buyers or sellers – we’re the middlemen..Mage is different. Buyers pre-fund their asks and with the button "Sell Now" you choose if and when to sell. Unlike other marketplaces where listing cards can take weeks until someone buys your stuff, Mage transactions are instant..Our experts authenticate every item that goes to our warehouse and looks out for fakes, the right condition, set and language. You're welcome..Buying online is always risky. You don't know the seller or they could send you fake magic cards. Even worse: they could run away with your hard-earned money..Make an offer that any seller can accept; or purchase immediately at the lowest Ask..The seller ships the card to our warehouse. Our experts authenticate it and then release the funds to the seller..When ordering, you can choose to have the cards stored in our warehouse or have it shipped to your address at any given time..Don't you hate it, if you list your card and wait for weeks u...

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