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Lully: Up at night comforting your child through night terrors? You’re not alone. We created the Sleep Guardian to give parents a non-medicated, scientifically-proven solution that stops 80% of night terrors. Your little one will be well-rested and happy when the sun comes up, and so will you..Your child is showing the telltale signs of night terrors if he or she wakes in the night and:.If these signs don’t describe your child’s episodes, the Sleep Guardian may not be right for you..Turns vibrations on and off automatically, meaning parents get more sleep! Apple (iOS) Only $249 $199.The first, proven method for stopping night terrors, with manual vibration controls. Apple (iOS) Only $129.Learn More About How it Works.A study done in collaboration with Stanford University found that the Sleep Guardian prevented 80% of night terrors..Pediatricians recommend the Sleep Guardian over medications or simply waiting..The Sleep Guardian went above and beyond the Consumer Product Safety Commissions Standards..“There are limited options currently for night terrors, but the Sleep Guardian is very exciting as the first non-medication solution for night terrors sufferers.”.Here is a little first hand e...

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