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Lorem Technologies: Hey, welcome back! How’s it going?.Seems like the site’s been really slow the last couple days, can you help?.Yeah, let me take a look right now..Okay, I’m seeing a few plugins out of date. Let me fix those first and we’ll go from there..Having trouble getting everything on my site to match my brand colors..See the links at the top and the signup button?.Got it. I’ll use the same blue from your logo for all of them. Sound good?.Yes please!.Hey Jess, just bought a domain name from GoDaddy..Can’t figure out how to set it up for my site though….No worries, I’ve done this a ton of times. Should be $35. Sound good?.Yeah, let’s do it..Just started my own photography business and need to build a site to showcase my work..Congrats! I like to use Squarespace for image-heavy sites like this..Let me show you a few template designs, then I can give you a quote and start building it for you..I want to know more about who’s coming to my site and which pages are most popular..I set up Google Analytics last week, but am pretty confused how to find the data..Happy to help. Want to do a quick video call and I’ll walk you through it?.Hey, how’s the blogging going?.Good, but I want to encourage more p...

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