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Logrr: Replacing your passwords with mobile biometric authentication.2-factor authentication is great but there is still a need to type data on the keyboard. Logrr wants to simplify this process: no need to type anything on the keyboard..Simplifying your employee’s login process. Eliminating the possibility of critical data loss with a secure authentication.Logrr uses your mobile phone to connect you to any website, application or system..Manage the access to all your cloud applications from Logrr..Logrr is built for SAML, the open standard data format to exchange authentication and authorization information. Connect all your applications together with one login..Logrr works with the latest and best security standards: X509 Certificates..With our dashboard, you have a central user management platform – for easy employee on-boarding/off-boarding and automatic provisioning of cloud applications.Using multi-factor authentication, Logrr has created custom security rules to approve or deny an employee’s login access based on biometric, geo-location, and a number of other factors..We are integrated with top cloud service providers and we can integrate yours as well.with only your email address ...

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