Lifeline Response

LifeLine Response Personal Safety App
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Lifeline Response: See How it Works in 30-Seconds.Wherever You're Going.Proactive Safety Awareness.Enterprise.Global Situational Awareness.The moment your thumb leaves your phone’s screen, authorities are poised and ready to help. Unable to enter your disarm code and they’re on their way..We call it Intelli-Touch Technology..You can just call it obvious..When triggered, your phone becomes a personal alarm system emitting an ear-piercing sound while flashing, while authorities are en route..We know it’s acoustically engineered..You just need to know it can be heard for miles..Need hands free protection (on a date, jogging, hands-full)?.Set the app to Timer Mode and check in when you’re safely home..Attacker notices the app and forces you to disarm?.Secret Alarm Code gets you help covertly..Phone broken during an attack?.The LifeLine System will send out the alert the moment your connection is dropped..We call it Comprehensive Protection..You can just call it Unbeatable Peace of Mind..Now you can access LifeLine monitoring right from your wrist for fast, convenient, and accessible protection wherever you are..This is what people are saying."I don't know of a better way to protect students. Lifeline is ...

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