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Life360: Life360 brings your family closer with smart features designed to protect and connect the people who matter most..Life360 syncs your family into a private, invite-only Circle, making it easy to plan and coordinate at the pace of life..Location Sharing gives family members a view of each other’s recent and real-time whereabouts..Be notified when your family comes and goes from your most frequented Places. Plus, get alerts if anyone's phone is running low on battery..Accidents happen. Get help faster with automatic Crash Detection that alerts your Emergency Contacts and sends an ambulance to your location immediately — protecting drivers and passengers..Flat tire? Engine trouble? Less than no gas? Roadside Assistance is standing by to get you moving or tow you to safety..The next best thing to being in the car, Driver Reports give a snapshot of how (and what) your drivers are doing on the road..Backup is just a tap away. If you ever feel unsafe, Help Alert sends your exact location to each emergency contact, instantly..The more you know, the safer your family will be. Know when and where local crimes happen, so you can steer clear and make decisions..From last-minute grocery store re...

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