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Leka: Relaxing colors, soothing movements and vibrations, sounds… Leka offers a full range of sensory stimulations, able to spark curiosity, enjoyment and encourage social interaction. Leka can thus mediate the relationship between the child and the adult..Gaëlle Pingault, Speech Therapist "Leka fits well into the range of tools at our disposal and does not cut the child from the relationship. When the child makes a joke to the robot, he looks at me: he understands very well that it was I who was using it, who was piloting it from the tablet. ".Emmnanuelle Séjourné, Special educator "As I work with young children with autism, I find the Leka robot very interesting to evaluate the sensorial specificities of every child and serve as a springboard to approach gestures of everyday life and develop communication and social skills.".Eileen Geoffroy, Mother of an exceptional child "My son was able to play with the different color options of Leka, he loved feeling Leka next to him, the vibrations of Leka, and overall it was a great experience.".Tracie Howell, Mother of an exceptional child "I think the greatest part about Leka is just the interactive piece and how Leka interacts with Britton - i...

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