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Lattice: Your workforce has changed. So have the roles of managers and HR..1,200+ organizations trust Lattice to drive performance & engagement.Reflect on individual performance and get formal feedback from peers and managers..Share constructive criticism to help each other improve..Collaborate on an agenda to structure the conversation and collect next steps..Employees know how they can impact the company and their career..Celebrate wins together and get recognized for hard work..Share status updates with the company and managers..Examine your company’s culture by filtering across different variables including department, manager, gender, and performance score..Measure against past survey results to track the health of the company culture over time..Question bank featuring 10+ themes ranging diversity and inclusion to team effectiveness -- designed by a professor in Berkeley's social science department..Getting started is easy and workflows are integrated with where your employees are already working..The Lattice team has helped hundreds of companies implement a continuous performance management process..Video and podcast series featuring today’s leading people operations experts, includin...

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