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Laka Ltd: Forget what you know about insurance..Join a community of cyclists to play fair and take good care to save each other money on insurance..READ MORE.Get the support you need when your bike is damaged or stolen. Return the favour by contributing a fair share to Laka..Your share goes up and down (even £0!) based on the claims in our community. That saved our members 61% last year..All claims are handled by our expert team and usually agreed within 1 day. Depreciation or excess? £ home, locked outside, in the car & in transition areas of cycling events.Get your bike replaced after a theft from home or when locked with a gold-rated lock away from home. Your bikes are also covered in the car and at cycling events..during commutes, weekend rides, sportives & races.Whatever parts are broken after an accident or vandalism, we arrange the repair and replacement in no time. Even if you crashed during a sportive or race..for 60 days.Wherever you are on this planet, your bike is covered for up to 60 consecutive days. Go explore..up to UCI level.Sportives and races are covered but we have a few exception if you are a professional & rental bike.We reserve £200 to help make your l...

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