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LaaSer: LaaSer is a trusted and respected international safety services company. Our mission is to get the right information at the right time to the right people who can actually take action in an emergency..We provide contextualized situational awareness for Safety Services, and we do that by enabling:.The LaaSer platform is a highly-scalable, highly-available, distributed suite of solutions that can be implemented in a range of target environments – public cloud, private cloud, managed datacenter, georedundant, etc. – using enterprise and public-safety grade technologies..For public safety, we make 911 work the way people think it already does. The general public believes responders will automatically know where they are, who they are, and even what’s wrong. Our public safety offerings work in both Legacy and i3 (NG911) environments..LaaSer has campus safety solutions that can provide room-level location as well as vertical positioning data to both public safety and campus security personnel. Additionally, we can integrate with or provide full-featured multi-channel emergency alerting, as well as powering emergency contacts notification systems. We can also integrate with existing secur...

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